A downloadable game for Windows

CRIMSON METAL - Is an experimental game made with FPS Creator that's trying to bring back the atmosphere of old school, hardcore, dynamic, brutal, and challenging game experiences from early 90's.

Install instructions

4K and 2K Monitor (Fixing image distortion) 

Since the game engine is too old, it does not support 2k and 4k resolutions.

How to solve this problem:

You have to change the setup.ini file look for (it's in the game folder)

under the line - aspectratio=0
(write the resolution that suits you)


If you guys have any additional questions please let me know.




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How did you create that cool nausea effect at the beginning of the game?

I like your game. Nice work! ;-)

I really enjoyed this game i will be buying off steam if you would like to see me playthrough here it is: 

enjoy 😉👍

Great game, it reminded me alot of doom, loved it


In the Game it was sooo intense i was like...

it looks good trying it out

First of all, the sound design is really fantastic! Awesome job!

You really carefully designed around most of the issues that fpsc has, really good job. What you didn't handle so good is the combat itself. It feels good in the first level where enemies always come from the front, but once they can attack from different sides (second level), things start to feel very fpsc-ish again. I think you could handle this with more linear level design, as the open areas you provide are not truly open at all, anyway.

And as all models are just slightly retextured default models that come with the engine, here is quite some space for improvement, too.

But really good job on this one! It is good *for an fpsc engine game*

how come the youtubers trying the game seem to get hit all the time, but the guy in the teaser seems to never get hit?

Very cool game, especially for an FPSCreator game.

truly an epic gamer moment

This is a really good one! I really enjoyed it! thank you very much for sharing your art! 

Gave it a go...

Not bad! There were a lot of nice little touches with the reload animations, object physics and the like. But the main problem I had was dealing with AI that shoots as soon as it sees you with hitscan weapons. It made for quite a bit of lost health before I even knew what was happening. Still quite fun tough!

Dear Dev thanks for this great Game :))